• Honda Program Requirements

    Basic Knowledge and Skill Requirements

    In order to qualify, and continue to be qualified for the ProFirst Certified program, your shop must be at least one of the following:

    I-CAR Gold Class Professionals shop


    VeriFacts VQ or Medallion shop

    Training Requirements

    At least two structural technicians and at least one estimator must complete the Honda / Acura specific training as provided by I-CAR. In cases where a shop only has one structural technician, then one structural technician, one nonstructural technician and one estimator must complete the Honda / Acura specific training provided by I-CAR. One person may not satisfy the requirements for multiple roles. All Honda / Acura classes are available on-line.

    CSI System

    Shops must maintain a Customer Care (CSI customer contact) system.

    Tools and Equipment

    Have and maintain tools and equipment as required by American Honda. (See separate sheet.)

    Facility Standards

    Maintain prescribed facility standards including but not limited to cleanliness, adequate customer parking, safety, security, work processes, and customer communication.

    Third-Party Inspections

    To determine a shop’s initial qualification, and for each succeeding year that shop chooses to participate, shops will be inspected by a third-party independent auditor.

    Program Cost

    The cost per shop per year is $2,700.