• Required Tools Equipment for ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Facilities

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    Required For Body Repair Required for Paint Repair Minimum Specifications Recommended Brands/Notes
    Collision Repair Tools & Equipment
    NOTE: For initial shop assessment, focus on yellow highlighted items - Required to support high stength steel repair.
    Body & Frame straightening equipment X   6500 lb lifting capacity, 4 holding points minimum. Capable of straightening the body to factory specifications. Tolerances must allow proper body panel fit and suspension alignment without requiring extreme adjustments.

    Car-O-Liner, Celette, Chief

    Frame bench is the preferred equipment. Frame rack acceptable if it meets minimum specifications.
    Pulling equipment X   10 ton Car-O-Liner, Celette, Car Bench
    Engine hoist X      
    Tire changer X   Or must have access to a tire changer (sublet)  
    Wheel balancer X   Or must have access to a wheel balancer (sublet)  
    Wheel alignment rack X   Or must have access to an alignment rack (sublet)  
    Wheel alignment measuring system X   Or must have access to an alignment measuring system (sublet)  
    Engine cart X      
    Two post surface lift X      
    Hydraulic press X   Or must have access to a hydraulic press (sublet)  
    Squeeze-type resistance spot welder X   >9000 amp >350 kg (772 lbf) clamp force Required by body repair manual Pro Spot, Car-O-Liner, Elektron
    Spot attachment (wheel arch) X      
    Spot attachment (long arm) X      
    Pulse control MIG weld equipment X   180 amp, 220 V with pulse control, used with silicon bronze wire (ERCuSi-A) and 100% argon gas for MIG brazing. Required by body repair manual Elektron (MultiMig 522) Notes:
    1. A collision Shop with a MIG Pulse Welder that meets the minimum specificaiton also meets the requirements for MIG welding.
    2. If shop has a MIG welder but you are not sure it has Pulse capability contact the manufacturer to determine this.
    Silicon bronze wire for MIG brazing X   ERCuSi-A/CuSi-3 Silicon bronze wire required for MIG brazing. Required by body repair manual Must be used with pulse control MIG welder & 100% argon gas.
    MAG Wire for 590 to 980 Mpa steel X   980 Mpa MAG welding wire required for welding 590-980 MPa steel parts. Wire must be ≥142 ksi (980 Mpa) minimum tensile strength. Required MAG welding shielding gas is C20 (80% Argon/20% CO2 Preferred). C25 (75% Argon/25% CO2 Acceptable) Required by body repair manual 11 lb. (5 kg) rolls may be ordered online from multiple vendors: Dealer Equipment & Services (DES) Canada p/n HWW-98008 https://www.techniciantools.net/

    Pro Spot Welding Systems
    p/n 50-7040

    Honda & Acura Tool & Equipment Programs
    p/n PRO507040 https://honda.snapon.com/HondaAcura/
    NOTE: Bosch DS980J wire is no longer available but existing supplies of this wire may still be used by shops
    Measuring system (jig measuring) X   +/- 1 mm accuracy for X,Y and Z  
    Spot drill / cutter X   8,10 mm  
    Washer welder / stud welder X      
    A/C recovery/recycle/charging station X   Or must have access to an A/C machine (sublet)  
    A/C electronic leak detector X   Or must have access to an electronic A/C leak detector (sublet), Capable of detecting a leak of 1/2 ounce or less per year,meets SAE J2791 standard for R- 134a refrigerant ,meets SAE J2913 standard for R-1234yf refrigerant Robinair 22791, meets both current specs
    High-pressure washer X   Or must have another means for heavy cleaning  
    Wheel dollies (Go-Jack) X      
    Porta power X   4 and 10 ton  
    Spot attachment (long arm) X      
    Tram tracking gauge X      
    Dent removal tool X X    
    Ruler / straight-edge X X    
    Anti-rust splay gun X X    
    Undercoat gun X X    
    Dry guide coat X X    
    Sealer remover attachment X X    
    Sticker remover X X    
    Slide hammer X X    
    Body sealer gun X X    
    Bumper stand X X    
    Spray gun for primer        
    Non contact heat monitoring system X   Non contact (touchless) Must not go over certain temperatures while heating aluminum or steel. There needs to be a means to test the temperature.
    Welding masking paper X      
    Fire-retardant welding blankets X   (a minimum of two per each GMA and STRSW machine/welder)  
    General Shop Equipment
    Floor jack X      
    Technician access to OEM service information. (Complimentary Honda & Acura ServiceExpress subscription provided with ProFirst Certified) X      
    Air compressor X X Adequate for shop size  
    Fuel recovery sytem X      
    Air hose reel X X    
    Bench grinder or hand held grinder X      
    Battery charger X      
    Headlight tester X   A means of aligning/aiming headlights  
    Vice X      
    Vacuum cleaner X      
    Jack stand X      
    Belt sander X   1/2" wide belt  
    Large hammer X      
    Glass removal / installation set X X OK if sublet glass work  
    Trunk lid spring tool X   Honda branded lid tool or other means of lid prop  
    Hand riveter X      
    Torque wrench X      
    Extension electric power cord X X    
    Coolant presure tester X      
    Spot media blaster X      
    Air tank X      
    Paint & Refinishing Equipment
    Paint booth   X    
    Air dryer   X    
    Paint station with measuring cup, scales X As required by paint supplier  
    Color formula data   X    
    Cart for masking paper   X    
    Spray gun (for primer)   X    
    Spray gun (for top coat)   X    
    Spray gun (for clear coat)   X    
    Spray gun washer   X    
    Test piece paint booth     Preferred but not required A means of sectioning off the inside of the paint booth so another person can paint a small part like a fender and not have to wait for the other painter to finish
    Test piece dryer     Preferred but not required A means of drying a test piece for color match
    Bumper stand   X    
    Tool cart (for pneumatic tool / polisher)   X any mobile tool cart  
    Polishing set   X    
    Heat light   X    
    Spray stand (hood / trunk)   X    
    Spray stand (fender / door)   X    
    Paint panel stand   X    
    Agitator   X    
    Air transformer   X    
    Working table with spray gun stand   X    
    Infrared ray light (IR lamp)   X    
    Digital paint thickness gauge   X    
    Technician Tools
    General hand tool set X      
    Hammer for body repair X      
    Dolly X      
    Chisel X      
    Spoon set X      
    Line chisel X      
    Hand saw (pneumatic) X      
    Disk grinder X      
    Vise grip set (standard set) X      
    Hand drill X      
    Measuring tape (convex) X X    
    Clip remover X X    
    Storage for removed parts (cart, box) X X    
    Single action sander (disc sander) X X    
    Double action sander (random orbital sander) X X    
    Air duster gun X X    
    Agitating spatula (for putty) X      
    Putty spatula X      
    Hand grinding file X      
    Kneading table (for putty) X      
    Door hinge wrench X      
    Rubber hammer X      
    Pneumatic / electric ratchet X      
    Pneumatic / electric impact gun X      
    Punch tool X X    
    Putty spreader (rubber) X X