On-Boarding Process

  1. Shop notifies American Honda that they wish to participate by calling respective local representative of at profirst@ahm.honda.com
  2. Local Honda representative contacts shop, reviews requirements, benefits and cost and conducts a cursory review of the shop
  3. Assuming all is in order, Honda representative submits shop’s name to American Honda national office
  4. American Honda national office sends log in credentials to shop in order to complete the shop’s profile
  5. Shop completes profile, send back to Honda national office.
  6. Shop completes on-line Honda-specific training (I-CAR HON classes) within 15 days. Classes must be completed by at least one Estimator and two Steel Structural Technicians who are I-CAR role representatives.
  7. Profile is reviewed by Honda national office. If all is in order (training completed, tools and equipment in place) the shop is submitted for billing and audit
  8. Shop is invoiced for the program via email
  9. Shop pays ProFirst invoice. (If the invoice is paid by check, please allow time for the check to clear.)
  10. Once the invoice is paid, shop will be contacted to arrange for an audit. The time between invoice payment and the actual audit is usually about 30 days.
  11. Audit is conducted by a third party.
  12. American Honda national office reviews audit.
  13. Assuming all is in order, American Honda national office approves the audit and the shop becomes ProFirst Certified.