• Required Tools Equipment for Honda ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Facilities

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    To Be Inspected by Verifacts Required For Body Repair Required for Paint Repair Minimum Specifications
    Collision Repair Tools & Equipment
    Frame aligning equipment / bench / rack Yes X   5500 lb lifting capacity, Minimum 4 holding points (Highliy suggested that rack have ability for using fixture jig attachments)
    Measuring system Yes X   3D Electroninc measuring system or fixture bench system, +/- 1 mm accuracy for X,Y and Z, with current software subscription
    Pulling equipment Yes X   Minimum two towers with 10 ton capability each
    Two post surface lift Yes X   Minimum 7000lb capacity
    Spot weld drill / cutter   X   6mm, 8mm and 10mm, capable of drilling UHSS
    Panel separator/ seam buster   X   Manual or pneumatic
    Dent puller / Stud welder   X   Stud and washer capable
    High-pressure washer   X    
    Wheel dollies   X   Minimum 1500 Lb. capacity (each)
    Porta power set Yes X   4 ton
    Tram tracking gauge Yes X   Metric scale required
    Cavity wax gun or applicator Yes X   Aerosol is acceptable - 360 Degree spray head with minimum 36" wand
    Undercoat gun or applicator   X   Aerosol is acceptable
    Dry guide coat   X X Should have at least one in each department
    Decal remover   X   Eraser wheel type
    Slide hammer   X    
    Body seam sealer gun Yes X    
    Heat gun Yes X   Temperature and fan control required
    Non-contact heat monitoring system Yes X   Temperature crayons, stickers, or non-contact thermometer
    Applicator gun for 3M two-part adhesive Yes X   Capable of dispensing 200mL or 450mL cartridges
    Glass removal / installation set   X   Or have access to (sublet)
    Welding and Mig Brazing Equipment
    Spot welding equipment Yes X   >9000 amp, Clamp Force >/= 350 kg - kilograms (772lb - Pounds) (344 daN - Decanewtons) - Must be capable of manual settings
    Spot attachment (wheel arch) Yes X   Clamp Force >/= 350 kg (772lb.) (344 daN)
    Spot attachment (long arm) Yes X   Clamp Force >/= 350 kg (772lb.) (344 daN)
    Shunt clamp Yes X    
    Pulse controlled MIG weld equipment Yes X   180 amp, 220 V with pulse control
    Silicon bronze wire Yes X   ER CuSi-A or CuSi-3 -.08mm diameter
    Mig/Mag weld equipment Yes X   220V, 180 Amp - Requirement MAY be met with pulse welder by changing wire and gas as needed
    980 Mpa wire Yes X   Only approved wire is Bohler Union X96 - Check Body Repair News - Body repair manual welding & sectioning guideline revisions for updates
    Correct shielding gases Yes X   Ar/Co2 -80/20 Preferred, Ar/Co2 - 75/25 Acceptable, 100% Argon for CuSi Mig Brazing
    Welding blankets Yes X   Minimum 2 per mig/mag and STRSS welding machine
    Welding spark paper Yes X    
    Auto-dim welding helmet   X   Minimum #11 shade with 3 sensors - One for each Mig/Mag Welder
    Welding respirator   X   Must meet NIOSH 42 CFR part 84
    Stand and tools for destructive testing of Welds   X   Capable of verticle and overhead welding
    Mechanical Repair Equipment
    Engine hoist   X   Or must have access to an engine hoist (Sublet/Rental)
    Tire changer Yes X   Or must have access to a tire changer (sublet)
    Wheel balancer Yes X   Or must have access to a wheel balancer (sublet)
    Wheel alignment rack Yes X   Or must have access to an alignment rack (sublet) - Capable of 4 wheel alignment
    Wheel alignment measuring system Yes X   Or must have access to an alignment measuring system (sublet) - Capable of 4 wheel alignment - - Must be able to print out measurements with SAI
    A/C recovery / recycle / charging station R134a Yes X   Or must have access to an A/C machine (sublet) R134a must meet SAE J2788-2010 - Plus trained/certified technician
    A/C recovery / recycle / charging station R1234YF Yes X   Or must have access to an A/C machine (sublet) R1234YF must meet SAE J 2843:2013 - Plus trained/certified technician
    Battery Tester Yes X   Or must have access to a Battery Tester (Sublet) - With load testing capability, This may ONLY be sublet IF scanning is also sublet to the same provider
    A/C electronic leak detector Yes X   Or must have access to an electronic A/C leak detector (sublet) - R134a and R1234YF capable
    Scan Tool w/ i-HDS Software Yes X   Or have access to (sublet) - Only devices running i-HDS software qualify for this requirement
    Insulated linemans gloves Yes X   Class "0" (black gloves) Must have proof of purchase within shelf life requirements
    Coolant pressure tester Yes X   Manual or electronic test equipment
    Engine cart   X   Or must have access to a Mobile powertrain dolly
    General Shop Equipment
    Floor jack Yes X   Minimum 2 1/2 ton lifting capacity, adequate number, capable of lifting low clearance vehicles
    Access to OEM repair procedures   X X Technician access to OEM service Information - Compimentary Service Express subscription provided
    Air compressor Yes X X High pressure, high volume, dry and oil free air
    Bench grinder   X    
    Battery charger Yes X   Charger/booster/ jumper with start and boost capability
    Headlight aiming device   X   A reliable means of aiming headlights
    Bench mounted vice   X    
    Vacuum cleaner   X    
    Jack stands Yes X   Minimum 3 ton capacity (per pair)
    Belt file sander   X   1/2" wide belt
    Trunk lid spring tools   X   Four Honda tools required, Part numbers: 07AAF-SNAA100, 07AAF-T2AA200, 07AAZ-SOKA100, 07AAF-SDAA100
    Hand rivet gun   X   Capable of up to 1/4" rivets - Pneumatic or electric also acceptable
    Torque wrench Yes X   Capable of reading in newton meters and pound feet, accurate from 10Nm to 272Nm (7Lbft to 200 Lbft) - Annual calibraton
    Electric extension power cord   X X Minimum 12 AWG/ 20 amp with ground prong - Should have at least one in each deparment
    Air tank   X    
    Eye wash Stations Yes X X Must have accessible eye wash stations in each building where repairs are conducted
    Fire Extinguishers Yes X X Must have adequate number of fire extinguishers and maintenance contract with service company
    Hazardouse Material Storage Containers Yes X X Must have appropriate storage labeled for liquid and dry hazardous waste material
    Paint & Refinishing Equipment
    Paint booth Yes   X Capable of low bake, Must have exhaust system and be compliant with NFPA 33 and OPSHA 29.1910.107 - 98% Efficient exhaust filters
    Dedicated Mix Room Yes   X Must have exhaust system and be compliant with OSHA 1910.107 and NFPA 33-2016
    Air dryer Yes   X Refrigerant type, dessicant type or membrane type acceptable
    Paint station with scales Yes   X As required by paint supplier, scale must be capable of interface with mix computer
    Color formula data Yes   X Computerized capable of VOC tracking
    Cart for masking paper     X  
    Spray gun (for primer) Yes   X Capable of high transfer efficiency, Must meet local regulations
    Spray gun (for base coat) Yes   X Capable of high transfer efficiency, Must meet local regulations
    Spray gun (for clear coat) Yes   X Capable of high transfer efficiency, Must meet local regulations
    Spray gun washer Yes   X Enclosed system or PPS style cups with written policy for manual gun cleaning
    Bumper stand Yes   X  
    Polishing set Yes   X Adequate number of buffers/polishers - electic or pneumatic acceptable
    Spray stand (hood / trunk)     X  
    Spray stand (fender / door)     X  
    Digital paint thickness gauge Yes   X Digital capable of ferrous and non-ferrous measurements
    Painter suits and protective gear     X As specified by refinish maker
    Technician Tools
    General hand tool set   X    
    Body hammer assortment   X    
    Dolly assortment   X    
    Chisels   X    
    Spoon   X    
    Hand saw (Pneumatic or Electric)   X    
    Disk grinder   X    
    Vise grip set   X    
    Hand drill (Pneumatic or Electric)   X    
    Metric measuring tape (convex) Yes X   Metric scale required
    Clip remover   X    
    Storage for removed parts (cart, box)   X X  
    Double action sander (random orbital sander)   X X  
    Air duster gun   X X OSHA approved
    Soft Faced hammer   X   Rubber, plastic, leather
    Pneumatic / electric ratchet   X    
    Pneumatic / electric impact gun   X    
    Punch tool set with centering punch   X    
    Work gloves   X    
    Safety Glasses   X X Must meet ANSI Z87.1+.
    Office Equipment
    Digital Camera Yes     Must have digital photography ability
    Electronic Estimating System Yes     Must have current subscription to an electronic estimating system
    Printer, Copier and Fax or Scanning device Yes     Must have ability to copy, print and scan or fax documents